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Taekwondo at Sunday school Activity Day

Sunday school students at the Islamic Community Center of Atlanta enjoyed a Taekwondo demonstration during their fun-filled Activity Day on Dec. 5. Local Taekwondo coach Eid Khoja, who has successfully trained many young Americans for the Junior Olympics, brought some of his best students to the ICCA for the demonstration. 

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Tea Party

Tea Party invites ICCA to deliver presentation on Islam

The Islamic Community Center delivered a presentation about Islam to Fayette County’s Tea Party on Aug. 25. Robert Ross, co-founder of Fayette County Issues Tea Party, invited the ICCA to speak after he and his wife attended the ICCA’s annual Ramadan Interfaith Dinner. Tea Party members listened to a presentation about Islamic beliefs and practices, […]

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Fayette Factor seeks support for anti-drinking law at ICCA

Members of Fayette FACTOR visited the ICCA on Aug. 8 to seek support for a municipal law designed to reduce the prevalence of underage drinking. FACTOR is a nonprofit organization that seeks to coordinate local services to improve quality of life for Fayette’s children, families and broader community. “Our ultimate goal for these presentations is to prepare […]

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ICCA welcomes stranger’s act of kindness

A non-Muslim resident of Fayetteville dropped off a reassuring note with a donation at the Islamic Community Center on or about Dec. 8. The ICCA thanks the anonymous writer for her donation as well as her kind letter, which was written in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting and a rise in Islamophobia. “…I strongly believe that […]

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ICCA members celebrate Eid 2014

Video: ICCA Celebrates Eid 2014

Several hundred members of the Georgia Muslim community celebrated the completion of Ramadan on July 28th at the Islamic Community Center of Atlanta, a mosque founded in Fayetteville, GA in 2001. View footage of the Eid celebration, including Imam Ahmad Jafari’s khutba, recitation of the Eid takbeer, and interviews with members of the community. Follow […]

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ICCA Dinner

Video: 2014 Ramadan Interfaith Dinner

The ICCA held its annual Ramadan Interfaith Dinner on July 12th, bringing together members of Fayette County’s Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, Catholic, Mormon and secular communities for an evening of dinner and dialogue. To view the event–including a welcome speech, Qur’an recitation and Q & A session–select Read More and then click the link: VIDEO: 2014 […]

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ICCA joins AJC ad signed by Georgia’s Muslim community

Readers who picked up a copy of Friday’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution found a surprise on page A15: a full-page advertisement from Georgia’s Muslim community. Signed by over 20 mosques and Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Community Center, the press release announced that American Muslims had raised over $100,00 for victims of the San Bernardino attack, and encouraged […]

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