Future Projects - Islamic Community Center of Atlanta

Future Projects


Future Projects of ICCA – in order of priority
Project Name Brief Explanation / Reason
1 Rolling Shoe Storage All of us have seen during Eids and other major events the shoes are left on the floor which poses a major trip hazard.  In order to be organized and avoid any accidents we need to get some shoe organizers that can be easily dismantled and moved on wheels to be placed outside and also protect the footwear from rain and sun.
2 LED Flood Lights ICCA has been experiencing high electricity bills.  One of the ways to reduce this expenses is to install High Power LED Floodlights on the exterior which are expected to reduce 70-90% of operating cost.
3 Islamic Library ICCA has been planning on establishing an Islamic Library for the Community in order for them to take advantage of books, dvds, audio cds instead of having to buy them.  Members can borrow these items or watch them in the ICCA with families and friends based on rules to be set.
4 Toilet Partitions Most of us have seen the deteriorating condition of our toilet partitions.  We believe our bathrooms need to be upgraded ASAP.