Ramadan Mubarak!

Ramadan mubarak! The ICCA will hold taraweh prayers beginning on the evening of March 10th. Isha prayer is at 9:30 pm, insha Allah.

Join us for iftar daily throughout Ramadan and please generously donate to the masjid’s operations to receive reward for helping us take Fayette County’s Muslim community to the next level. Insha Allah, your support this Ramadan will help us:

-Expand our private Islamic school Crescent Academy, which is adding two more grade levels (preK – 5th), hiring two more teachers, and adding more classrooms to accommodate our growing student population, insha Allah.

-Hire a new Assistant Imam and Islamic Studies teacher, who is a Fayetteville native and a recent graduate of the Islamic University of Medina.

-Finish paying off community loans used to purchase the historic Fayette Event Center and parking lot next door; hiring a manager to rent out the event center for community and public events, creating a new stream of revenue for the ICCA.

-Continue our community and youth programs through One Ummah.

-Develop plans to construct a new recreational facility and school on acres of land located near Whitewater High School.

Jazakallahu khairyan for your support during this blessed month of Ramadan.

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